Make College a Reality for Your Members

We build customized digital college planning tools to help your credit union members plan and pay for college.

How Much Does College Cost?

A common myth about college is that it’s too expensive. The prices published on college websites shouldn’t discourage your members.

Should You Complete the FAFSA?

Many families believe federal college aid is only available for those less fortunate. Help members claim their free money to attend college.

Do You Have to Pay Back Financial Aid?

There are three main types of financial aid: grants, loans, and scholarships. Each type has its own terms when it comes to repayment.

The Problem

Next Generation of Members

7 out of 10

Millennials DO NOT know what a credit union is.

9 out of 10

Parents expect their children to go to college.

6 out of 10

Parents DO NOT have a plan to pay for college.

Our Solution

Digital College Planning Tools

How We Help


  • Help young adults at every stage of the college planning journey
  • Tools that are tested by students, proven and easy to use
  • Mobile-first design
  • Solves a real pain point in the market

How We Help

Credit Unions

  • Attract the next generation of member
  • A proven strategy to convert members to other products
  • Be seen in the community as doing good
  • Plug-and-play solution – easy to implement

Cost & Compare Calculator

Find the Actual Cost of College and Compare

Did you know the cost of college can vary widely based on your family’s income? Once students understand what college really costs, they often discover that higher education is within their reach. The number you actually need to know is the estimated net cost. The College Cost & Compare Calculator allows your members to estimate the net cost of over 6,000 colleges with a single click.


Get the Most Free Money from the FAFSA

In a recent federal survey, 47% of families who didn’t complete the FAFSA said it was because: they didn’t have enough information about how to complete the FAFSA, didn’t know they could complete the FAFSA, or thought the FAFSA forms were too much work or too time-consuming. Our side-by-side FAFSA videos will walk your members through the application step-by-step.

Financial Aid Calculator

Understand Your Financial Aid Award Letter

Financial aid award letters are confusing! They use confusing jargon and terminology, often don’t include the complete cost of attendance, and most fail to distinguish between different types of aid such as grants and loans. Our Financial Aid Comparison Calculator deciphers what money is free, borrowed, and still needed.

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"It’s never too early to start thinking about college and this is a great tool to begin your research.”

Elena Epstein, National Parenting Product Awards


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